Viane Pteridology Lab

Morphology, anatomy and cytology of ferns

Cell wall diversity and evolution


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Ploidy Analyzer II:







Acetocarmine squash preparations:







Selected publications

Bellefroid E, Rambe SK, Leroux O, Viane RLL. 2010. The base number of 'loxoscaphoid' Asplenium species and its implication for cytoevolution in Aspleniaceae. Ann. Bot. 106, 157–171.

Bennert HW, Horn K, Kauth M, Fuchs J, Jakobsen IS, Ollgaard B, Schnittler M, Steinberg M, Viane R. 2011. Flow cytometry confirms reticulate evolution and reveals triploidy in Central European Diphasiastrum taxa (Lycopodiaceae, Lycophyta). Annals of Botany 108: 867–876.